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WWII Notched Dog Tags — 1941-1945

WWII Format 1

Set of Notched Dog Tags includes:
2 Indent Stamped Notched Stainless Steel Tags
1 Stainless Steel 27" chain, not shown
1 Stainless Steel 5.5" chain, not shown
2 Black Silencers, not shown

Note: Most soldiers did not have silencers (rubber edge placed around dog tags to keep tags silent) issued to them though they were available late in 1944. However, we include silencers just in case you need them.

WWII dog tags come complete with tooth notch and rolled edge.

$16.99 / Complete Set

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Today, the notched tag is no longer used by the US government and has been replaced by one tag placed on a short chain, 5.5" long, commonly referred to as the "Toe Tag".

WWII Tag Format 2

Explanation of dog tag text:
Last name, First name-Middle Initial  
Service number -Year of tetanus shot-Blood type  
Next of Kin's name  
Next of Kin's address  
Next of Kin's City-State Religion


Serial numbers were issued due to the growing number of soldiers with common names as Brown, Smith, etc. Serial numbers starting with various digits designated different service.

  • Serial numbers beginning with a "1" designated Regular Army
  • Serial numbers beginning with a "20" designated National Guard
  • Serial numbers beginning with a "3" designated Draftees
  • Serial numbers beginning with a "O-" designated Officers
  • Serial numbers beginning with "RA" designated Regular Army

Today, the Armed Forces uses a soldier's social security number as identification.

The formats shown on this page are the most common formats for the time period. However, it is possible that your tags were stamped differently. During WWII computers were not available so every issued dog tag had to be produced by hand. An operator during that time would be "lucky" to work on an electric dog tag machine. Yet, each letter had to be keyed by hand and mistakes made on the last line meant the entire tag had to be re-stamped. Therefore, it is understandable if operators got tired and omitted information or abbreviated names. It is even possible that the machinery may not have been working properly or letters were missing.

Thus, if you would like exact replicas of your dog tags, we encourage you to take a picture of your dog tags and e- mail it to us. If a picture is not available, a penciled stencil (a picture formed by placing a piece of paper over the tags and carefully rubbing a pencil over it to obtain an impression of the tag) can be made and sent to us. We can use that to reproduce the spacing and positioning of the letters on the tag. Our replications are so good some people have a hard time telling the original from the copy.

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