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Frequently Asked Questions — Dog Tags

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Sarg, what do you stamp on the dog tags?

You can have anything you want stamped on the dog tags--it's up to you. You can have your tags stamped just like the military with last name, first name, social security number, blood type, and religion. Please see our dog tag formats by clicking "Current Issue" or "Notched WWII Style". However, you can personalize the text to include your birth date, code name, address, phone number, etc.

Sarg, why are there two dog tags in the complete set?

Two dog tags are issued to each soldier. In the unfortunate case that a soldier is killed in combat, one tag would stay with the body and the other tag would go with a scout and eventually to the next of kin.

Sarg, can I have different things stamped on each tag?

Yes, once you have decided which type of dog tags you would like (Current Issue dog tags, Gift dog tags, WWII dog tags, etc.), fill out the text information for the dog tags. Click "Add to Cart". Then a screen will appear that says "Text for Tag #2". Automatically, the text for Tag #1 will appear. You can either keep the text or you can change the text at that time..

Sarg, how many lines and letters are available for each tag?

Each tag has 5 lines. Each line can have up to 18 spaces. In order that the text is not covered by the silencers we suggest limiting the spaces to 15-17 spaces per line. If you have 18 spaces on a line, some part of the text will be covered by the silencer.

Sarg, can you stamp capital letters and small letters?

We only stamp in capital letters. The military only stamps in capital letters as well.

Sarg, what are silencers?

Silencers are the rubber edge guards that are placed around each dog tag in order to keep them "silent" during combat.

Sarg, are silencers removable?

Yes, just take the tags off the chains and pull the silencers off. No special tools are needed.

Sarg, what color of silencers does the military use?

The military uses black silencers. Most people prefer black silencers as well. However, you can have different color silencers. We have black, bright blue, navy, bright green, olive green, yellow, red, pink, woodland camo, and desert camo silencers. To see a picture of silencers in different colors, go to our "Colorful Tags" web page--silencers are pictured at the bottom of that page.

Sarg, I ordered silencers separately and they are circular in shape.Dog tags are rectangular. These won't fit. What should I do?

Fortunately rubber is very flexible. Though it looks like "a circle will not fit into a rectangular shape" it does. It fits great. Try it out.

Sarg, will black tags chip?

Black tags are traditional stainless steel dog tags painted with a very high quality paint. The paint is applied in such a way that it will stay on during normal use. Occasionally, the black paint will chip. Chipping can even occur during the stamping process. To see a picture of black dog tags, go to our "Colorful Tags" web page.

Sarg, what color of dog tags does the military use?

The military uses Traditional Stainless Steel dog tags. However, some branches of the military, like Navy Seals, use the black, commando style, dog tags.

Sarg, will Brass dog tags tarnish?

Yes, however, you can use a Brass polish, like Brasso, to clean the dog tags. To see a picture of brass dog tags, go to our "Colorful Tags" web page.

Sarg, what is the difference between stamping and engraving? Aren't they the same thing?

The two processes are entirely different. Engraving merely scratches the surface to create text. Stamping actually changes the shape of the metal into the character just like the text on a credit card. In the stamping process, each letter must have its own die and thus the size and font of each letter is not easily changed. Authentic military dog tags are stamped. Stamped text can be either Emboss or Indent.

Sarg, what is the difference between Emboss or Indent?

Both are done through a stamping process and can not be produced by engraving. Emboss means the letters are raised from the surface--similar to the text on the front of credit cards. Indent, on the other hand, means the letters are pressed downward and could hold water. To see a picture of Emboss and Indent text, please go to our "Emboss vs. Indent" web page.

Sarg, what does the military use--Emboss or Indent?

The US military used only Indent from WWII until 1980 when Emboss was first introduced. Now, the military uses both type about 50% for Indent and 50% for Emboss. It basically just depends on what machinery is available.

Sarg, which one is better--Emboss or Indent?

That is entirely personal preference. Emboss is easier to read because it is raised and creates better depth perception for the letters. Indent, on the other hand, is more commonly associated with authentic military dog tags just because it has been in use so much longer than Emboss.

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