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Current Issue Dog Tags

Authentic Military Identification

Picture of Current Issue Dog Tags
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Set of Current Issue Dog Tags includes:
2 Stamped, Stainless Steel Dog Tags
1 Stainless Steel 27" chain
1 Stainless Steel 5.5" chain
2 Black Silencers

Price: $14.99/set

  Picture of Complete Korean Set

Choice of Lettering

Picture of Emboss Text  

Emboss--Newer Style (Raised lettering). Adopted by the US military in the 1980s. Approximately 50% of all US military bases use Emboss--it depends on what equipment is available at each base.


Picture of Indent Text   Indent--Vintage Style (Sunken lettering). Indent was the only type used during WWII, the Korean War, and The Vietnam War.

What do you write on dog tags?

Feel free to write anything you want. We have provided some sample formats below. Click on an image to order....

Please feel free to e-mail us your tag's format. We would love to see it.

Current Army Issue:

Current Navy Issue:

Identification Tags:

Gift Tags:

Current Air Force Issue:

Current USMC Issue:

Abbreviations used above:
123-45-6789--Social Security Number
O POS or A--Blood Type
CATHOLIC or C--Religion
S (found on USMC issue)--Gas Mask Sizes choices: S=Small, M=Medium, L=Large

DOB--Date of Birth
AKA--Also Known As

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To find out about Korean War Era Notched Dog Tags.

To find out about Vietnam War Era Notched Dog Tags.

To find out about Vietnam War Era Current Issue Dog Tags.


The following accessories are included with the purchase of any set of tags. The purchase of the following accessories is only necessary if you need spares.

Picture of Long Chain Picture of Short Chain Picture of Silencers

Extra 27" chain

$ .99 / each

Extra 5.5" chain

$ .49 / each

Set of 2 silencers. More colors available

$1.49 / set

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