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Colorful Dog Tags

Anodized Aluminum Dog Tags
Red Tag   Purple Tag   Gold Tag   Blue Tag
Red   Purple   Gold   Blue

Made of aluminum they provide a jazzy alternative to standard issue Dog Tags.

Price: $14.99/Complete set

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Brass Dog Tags

Brass Tags

Beautiful pieces that look like gold. 

Each set comes with Brass chains, 30" and 5.5" in length.

Price: $15.99/Complete set

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Black Stainless Steel Dog Tags

Black Tags



Stainless Steel Dog Tags that are painted with a special bonding Black paint to resist chipping. 

Price: $15.99/Complete set

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All of the above tags come as complete sets which include:

2 Stamped Dog Tags
1 Long Ball Chain
1 Short Ball Chain
2 Silencers

Prices include shipping, handling, and a free gift.

Black tags ship with stainless steel ball chains that are coated with black paint, as pictured above.

Brass tags ship with brass ball chains, as pictured above.

If you would rather have stainless steel (grey color), just indicate that in the Comments area when ordering.


Silencers are rubber guards placed around the edge of a dog tag to keep the tag silent -- especially helpful in combat! They are currently issued for use in the US Armed Forces. Silencers are easy to remove from the tags--we do not glue or adhere the silencers to the tags. Any complete set of dog tags, purchased from us, come with silencers. You can purchase extras.

Set of two silencers: $1.49 US Dollars

Camo Silencers

Green Silencers

Red Silencers

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