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Notched Vietnam War Era Dog Tags — 1954-1964

Vietnam Era 54-64

Notched dog tags were standard issue until December 1964. The U.S. military switched to dog tags that did not have the notch in 1965.

However, it is entirely possible that a soldier was issued Notched Dog Tags after 1965. A base or camp may have had large supplies of Notched tags on hand and had not received the tags without the notch yet.

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Set of Notched Dog Tags includes:
2 Indent Stamped, Notched Stainless Steel Tags
1 Stainless Steel 27" chain, not shown
1 Stainless Steel 5.5" chain, not shown
2 Black Silencers, not shown

Complete set: $16.99 US Dollars

Notched Set

Silencers are included in the price but not shown above.

What is a "notch"? | What are silencers? | FAQ about Dog Tags

Text shown is a Korean War format--we stamp anything you want on the tags.

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