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Korean War Era Tags — 1950-1953


What is the difference between the tags?
Korea 49

Not much*

Format #1: This tag was stamped in 1949. Look at the placement of the blood type "O" on Line 3 and the religion "P" on Line 4.

Korea 53 Format #2: This tag was stamped in 1953. Both have blood type "O" and religious designation "P" but in different places than the tag shown above and below.
Korea Navy Format #3: This tag was stamped for a Navy sailor--notice the letters "USN" on Line 5. This particular tag has a service number with 7 digits while the two above both have 8 digits. Also the year that the tetanus shot was administered "T53" is not present.

*Note: all tags shown above should be the same color and dimension. All Korean War Era tags are stamped with Indent text. What is Indent text?

All tags have rolled edges to the back. The notch has a rolled edge as well--notch is not an unfinished edge. What is "rolled edge to the back"?

Why are the tags so different?

Though WWII was over, the military was expanding with new branches, new machinery, new people, and new conflicts. The first two formats shown above are the most common formats we have seen. However, they are not the only formats we have seen.

It is entirely possible that your tags are different. It is during this time that tags become different. There is no longer one format that covers all dog tags.

What should I put on my tags?

As long as you have your name, service number, year you entered the service, blood type, and religion that is a great start! If you don't remember how your tags were exactly stamped, pick either Format #1 or Format #2.

If you have an original dog tag you would like copied, please e-mail us an image of the tag so that it can be reproduced as close to the original as possible.

Set of Korea War Era Notched Dog Tags includes:

2 Stamped, Stainless Steel Notched Dog Tags

1 Stainless Steel 27" ball chain

1 Stainless Steel 5.5" ball chain

2 Silencers

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Complete set: $16.99 US Dollars

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Notched Set of Dog Tags

Silencers are included in the price but not shown above.